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It’s the small things in life.

Represent, repre-sent-sent.

Staying frosty.

Why the long face?

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Marky Mark on Zenders

I’m planning on selling the e30 before May, and his main set of wheels (the Ronal Turbos) are already out the door. For the rest of the driving under my wing he’ll be rolling on the faces of my next planned e30, the Zender Turbos.

Enjoying him as much as I can in the final few weeks. Smile.

Fill’er up.


Totally not suspicious.

Laser selfie.

This photo is unedited. 

What we have here is vapor smoke and a laser pointer. Once the smoke is exhaled, my friend quickly whipped the laser pointer up and down to illuminate a layer throughout the cloud of smoke. Green fireball.

becomes the season of the dormant life style. Not a lot of photos get taken by myself while it’s cold, thus I can take advantage of it by going back into old photo folders and finishing edits of those I originally forgot about. Besides my model-esk brother I just posted, I’ll continue with my lost photos as winter crawls on like frozen molasses.

PS- I saw Elijah Wood in person, had a virtual reality concert experience cut short so Lars Ulrich could try it, and met the director of Angels & Airwaves film, “LOVE” all yesterday. It was rad.

My brother, the stripe-spangled star.

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Male ‘merica model.

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E30 iS v. E30 M3

Monterey, CA. BMWCCA Oktoberfest 2013